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BenefitsCONNECTToday’s employers look to technology to provide a cost-efficient, unified system to analyze costs, enroll employees, and manage benefits. And employees want a simple way to access information about their benefits and options.

Barham Benefit Group offers BenefitsCONNECT, a proprietary online benefit system to clients. This value-added service is provided at no cost.

ACA Manager

Dashboard • Tracking • Reporting • Notices • Look-Back • Pay or Play

ACA ManagerACAManager will effectively regulate your clients' business and is designed to manage, track and determine full-time employee equivalency and benefit eligibility. The software functions to configure, review and analyze multiple look-back and initial measurement, stability, and administrative periods; arming you with data to determine the most cost effective "pay" or "play" strategy. Download PowerPoint Overview

Actuarial Expertise

Mark Ford joined Barham Benefit Group in 2007. As an actuarial and underwriting consultant, he provides expertise in analyzing complex pricing formulas as they relate to employee benefit costs. Mark previously was the manager of pricing and underwriting at Health Alliance and senior actuary at PersonalCare. He holds professional licensure to represent lines of life, health, casualty, and fire in Illinois.

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